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Lucky Lou

My dog Lucky is very ill and in the hospital. He has a bleed in his belly that they cannot find a source for. He has had xrays and lab work, and so far they can't see a tumor, but the doc says he's pretty sure it's there. As of currently, I had to leave him in hospital and its the hardest thing I've had to do, ever, I think. He is getting an ultrasound today to see if they can see the tumor through all the blood in his belly (it's VERY distended.) He's also anemic..Which is bad..Very bad, and the doc says that it doesn't look good as far as him getting better. Anyways, he's the biggest, dumbest, happiest dog I've ever been owned by and I love him alot....Just wanted everyone to know whats up.
I had this discussion with my DH.  I think Heath should get a posthumous Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.  I loved that movie, and I loved that movie because of him.  Had Heath not been in TDK, I doubt I would have seen it, and I doubt it would have been as good.  I am saddened even more so now, at the loss of a great talent like Heath.  He is our generation's James Dean.  We will always remember him as The Joker, his best, and final role.

R.I.P. Heath Ledger 1980-2008.


So I am just so ticked off right now.  Today was my final for nursing school (yay!).  Anyways, as we are waiting to enter our class and take our test, we (a few students) are sitting outside and talking about the drama llama who follows everyone around.  We started to talk about the drug Propofol (aka Diprovan look it up, I don't feel like explaining it).  Someone said that it was a "paralytic", which it isn't, and I said it was not an analgesic, and that you must administer analgesics with it.  So, one of the guys in my class emails me and accuses me and two other people of saying this when we didn't.  WTF?!  You didn't want to speak up because you felt you might feel like "a know-it-all asshole" but you're willing to wait until 8pm to email me?!  Uhm, I don't want to be a "bitch" but shut the fuck up, no one fucking cares if you've worked with the drug for "10 years as an anesthesia tech."  SUPER! 


Writer's Block: Repeat After Me...

How have people pronounced your name? How is it supposed to sound?
I hate it.  I HATE MY NAME.  Mahaley.  Do you think you could say it correctly?  MAH-HAY-LEE.  Oh not so hard right?  WRONG!  Mah-HALL-EE, Mahoney, Mahookey.  I'm not even joking.  I'm serious.  So when I was in highschool, friends started calling me "May."  Well it stuck.  Now thats all I go by, but even when I go to say the bank, where I have to give over my ID, I get "How do you pronounce your name?"  "Mah-hay-lee"  "Oh thats so pretty!  I like it!"  Whatever, stick it up your twat.  Or "Is it Hawaiian?!"  "No, its a white persons bastardization of an Indian name."  Or my favorite- "Wow that sounds like Mahalia Jackson!"  UHM NO.  MAHALEY not MAHALIA!  Christ people.

Okay sorry for my rant.